Validation and verification can require up to 40 percent of software development effort, time and resources. KV Consultants uses sophisticated diagnostic tools and CMM-certified processes for in-depth software and system analysis. Our testing team has the skills, tools and techniques required for systematic testing using a cost-effective onshore/offshore model.

  • Manual Testing Services - Scalable resources, cost-effective processes, and management skills to deliver critical, objective analyses
  • Automated Testing Services - Development and execution of test plans and testing environments
  • Functional Testing Services - Trusted services to ensure reliability and functionality
  • Performance Testing Services - Load and stress testing to ensure scalability and consistency
  • Alpha and Beta Testing - Testing services within the application development processes
  • Compatibility testing - Testing services within the complete product lifecycle

We utilize Quality Processes such as the Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM) and our own KV Consultants Development Process to develop applications using scalable and extensible architectures for a wide range of industries. We bring a rich understanding of and extensive experience in providing application development and maintenance solutions. We address the needs of industry from technology to financial services to government agencies and manufacturing, among others. We have executed a variety of new application development projects, many built on Web-based technologies with a strong orientation towards standards-driven (J2EE, .NET) architecture. We facilitate the easy adoption of scalable and extensible architectures that can support 24/7 business availability to accommodate global customers while reducing development cycles to a minimum. We implement with certified processes that follow CMM standards, enabling our clients to enhance the quality of their products and services. Our experienced programmers develop your software using the latest technologies and development tools.

Infrastructure is the building block on which an organization depends on and the more robust and reliable the infrastructure the more flexible and agile the organization becomes in delivering its services. The rapid innovation of technologies is forever changing the infrastructure components and making its management more complex. Agility and flexibility imply a competitive advantage for the enterprise and it needs to look at strategic differentiation for delivering services. KVC provides end-to-end services across all IT Infrastructure service domains. KVC is able to deliver these services to clients in the most consistent, predictable and cost-effective manner, leveraging its extensive knowledge base, skilled resources and mature process models.

Business Intelligence
KV Consultants develops products and solutions that enable customers to leverage corporate data to support timely, intelligent business decisions. Some of our solutions include data analysis, reporting, OLAP, data mining and metadata management. Our industry and process expertise provides the market background and business insight necessary to develop specialized intelligence solutions.

There are many competing software platforms and technologies. For software vendors to maximize the reach of their product, they often must port their products to other platforms and technologies. KV Consultants has helped our customers achieve just that. Our expertise in a wide variety of platforms and databases allows us to handle custom porting to a wide variety of target platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and more.

KV Consultants utilizes a dedicated software development center located outside of the client's premises. Our center is designed to develop, test and maintain software solutions and applications for the client. KV Consultants has scalable resources to economically provide high quality development resources. Our center focus is on product design and architecture and allows for KV Consultant's staff to economically implement the client's requirements. KV Consultant's model is particularly successful because our onshore consultants and project managers work closely with both the client and offshore facilities to ensure smooth communication and execution.

KV Consultants delivers proven, mature software development and maintenance services. Our teams have completed projects from Fortune 500 to boot-strap startup companies. We provide development and maintenance services for new, existing and legacy applications, as well as a wide range of IT services.

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